Sea Haven welcomes and values the contribution you make. Sea Haven encourages volunteerism especially among youth and young adults in the community serving to cultivate a sense of social awareness and develop a lifelong commitment of service and community involvement.

We are happy to work with you to find a volunteer position that matches your availability and talents with the needs of the program.

For individuals, the process of volunteering begins with the downloading of an application.

The next step is to identify the correct position. After that we will meet for orientation and paperwork including providing you forms and instructions for your background checks.

Please review the link below for volunteer opportunities to have a better idea of positions and opportunities available. We appreciate a long term commitment from volunteers due to the complexity of preparing you to volunteer.

Talk to staff
Advocating for services for homeless/at-risk youth by completing an internship as a college/high school student
Being available as a translator when needed
Coordinating and overseeing fundraisers for programs
Provide leadership for youth involved in community service programs
Arrange food and toilitry drives
As a business or self-employed individual you may be able to offer life skills instruction such as cooking, money management, communication skills, etc., for the program youth
Groups, the process also begins with the online download of application, indicating that you represent a group. We will strive to find the appropriate activities around your abilities and interests, most likely in the areas of maintenance, group activities, picnics, cookouts, house cleaning, yard work, fundraisers, street outreach, and group donation drives for needed items
Guest Speakers- We are looking for volunteers to facilitate various groups or projects for young adults on independent living skills such as banking/budgeting, job employment search and interview, cooking/baking, goal setting and art/crafts. Contact the Sea Haven Transitional Living Program at 843-213-1133 for more information about life skills instruction.




Jake Cadigan - Intern from Coastal Carolina University

1) What attracted you to Sea Haven?
I am really passionate about their cause, and I wanted to help.

2) What do you want us to know about you?
I'm from New Jersey, a Psychology major at Coastal Carolina University. I enjoy helping in any way I can.
Isaiah Dooley - Intern from Coastal Carolina University

1) What attracted you to Sea Haven?
I saw an opportunity to help improve the overall wellbeing of homeless and forgotten youth.

2) What do you want us to know about you?
I'm currently finishing my degree in Public Health at CCU and would like to go on to work on global health issues.
Wilson Oswald - Intern from Wofford College

1) What attracted you to Sea Haven?
I am a Bonner Scholar at Wofford College, and that means I need to devote two summers to community service. Sea Haven's commitments to homelessness is encouraging, and I chose them because I wanted to explore this aspect of serving a community.

2) What do you want us to know about you?
Summerville, SC, is my home, but I grew up in Charlotte, NC. I just finished my first year of college and now I am in Myrtle Beach with Campus Outreach's Leadership Project. The goal of the Project is to study the Bible and grow closer as a community of college students from the Greenville, SC area.



Volunteer Application


Development Director
Wendy Gore
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