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Sea Haven
Shelter Home


. Sea Haven
Project Safe Place

843-399-8519 or emergency cell 843-251-4216
. Sea Haven
Transitional Living Program

. Sea Haven
Street Outreach Center


And the Survey Says...

Sea Haven Aftercare Survey

Sea Haven Promises To:

• Challenge bias and hateful statements
• Call youth by their name and pronouns if their choice
• Accept everyone where they are
• Not make assumptions
• Value everyone
• Never discriminate against anyone

Purpose of Peer Group:

The purpose of this LGBTQ Peer Group is to provide a safe, supportive meeting environment for Sea Haven youth that have identified as LGBTQ, who are struggling with their sexual identity, questioning their sexual orientation or, are working through gender issues. The goal is for youth to come together and talk about any issues they are encountering, offer support and learn from one another in a safe and confidential environment. The LGBTQ will not be opened to the general public.

Meeting Time and Location:

Group meeting will be held every other week in the afternoon. Please contact the Youth Counselor for more information regarding times and locations.

Guidelines for Attending the Group:

• No assumptions or labeling will be made about a group member’s sexual orientation.
• No one will repeat or discuss any topic outside of group that was discussed inside of group.
• Confidentiality is of the upmost importance. Everyone should be allowed to say and express themselves without fear of hearing it again, or having someone repeat it.
• No one person will monopolize the group at any time. Everyone will be allowed to speak.
• We will respect each other’s views and differences.
• There will be no prejudging.
• No two people will speak at the same time.
• There will be no profanity used in group.
• Everyone will arrive on time so that group can start on time.
• Please do not come to group under the influence of alcohol and or drugs.
• When a participant is speaking, we will give him/her our undivided attention.
• Horseplay will not be tolerated in our group.
• Everyone will share in responsibility and decision-making. This is your group, not mine.


Shelter Home Testimonies

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Project Lighthouse Testimonies

Written (click to view the PDF)

Video #1 (click to view the video)

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Casey (click to listen to audio)

John (click to listen to audio)

This is a voice message from a former Transitional Living Program participant:

"Just calling to let you guys know that I worked things out with my mom and I arranged coming back home to Chicago with her. Um, it looks like things are the way they should have been all along, I guess I earned her trust back. So, I just drove home. The past two days I was driving on my way back to Chicago and every thing went fine, got home safe.

I really appreciate what y'all helped me with over there, you were really critical to my survial when I first got there. It was good to know I had people behind me. It just helped me get that boost to get things together and earn my family’s trust back. So I just want you to know that I really support what y'all are doing for the youth over there in that area. I really appreciate everything you did for me. I wish the best for y'all. Hopefully, one day I can support what you are doing better than just believing in it. Um, I don’t know, if you want to keep contact with me but that is fine or check in. I still have the same phone number. It looks like I may be joining the Army or something similar to that shortly. But I am home safe now and everything is better. So, have a good one, see ya."


Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-8255 (TALK)
Info and help about mental health issues
such as being bullied, low self esteem,
committing suicide and cutting yourself.
Know the facts, know your plan, know now.

National Help Lines for Runaway Information
National Runaway Hotline: 1 800-RUNAWAY
“Answering needs and Opening Doors”

National Safe Place
Where Kids Get Help... FAST
Teen Help for Teen Problems

Click here for a larger view of the flyer

Do you know where teens can find a health center in your community?  We do…  Check out our clinic locator for locations.

November is National
Runaway Prevention Month

Sea Haven, Inc. is partnering with the National Runaway Safeline, the federally-designated communication system for runaway and homeless youth and their families, and the National Network for Youth, an organization representing more than 800 local and community-based youth serving agencies to achieve our combined runaway prevention goals.

Sea Haven will:
*Have National Runaway Prevention Month proclaimed by requesting and reading the proclamation at the monthly city hall meeting.

*Display green lights at the Sea Haven Programs.

*Send out PSA’s to local radio stations and newspapers to promote awareness.

Sea Haven invites the community to join us for “Green Sock Day”! Any day this month, put on your bright green socks and take a picture. Invite your friends, family, or co-workers to join in. Send the pictures or correspondence to Wendy Gore at to show your support!

National Safe Place
Where Kids Get Help... FAST

If you need help fast, text 69766 and either
view ‘safe sites’ close to you or replay “2chat”
and speak to someone who can help

50 Things You Can Do
To Get Someone Ready
For Independent Living

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is the leading national
organization providing crisis intervention and
suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay,
bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.

For more info visit

May is Teen Pregnancy
Prevention Month

Click here for more info

National Missing Children's Day
is every May 25!

Click here for more info

Do Fathers Play a Role
in Youth Sexual Health?

February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

It Can Wait

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