Sea Haven staff are trained, certified, and practice a variety of evidence based curriculums and informative service trainings.

Evidence Based Practices

Positive Youth Development-Vital Links
Trauma Informed Care
Motivational Interviewing
Harm Reduction
Casey Ansey Life Skills
Healthy Adolescent Development and Well-Being Center for Disease Control
“17 Days” STI Awareness for females ages 14-19 years
SHARP HIV/AIDs awareness for males
Smart Girls Curriculum-females ages
WISE GUYS Curriculum-males ages 11-17 years
(values, communication, sexuality, dating violence, healthy relationships, decision making, and goal setting).
SC Thrive Counselors

Safety Protocol and Planning

Managing Aggressive Behavior-Behavior Modification and De escalation
Suicide/Crisis Intervention
Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking
Street Outreach Safety Protocol

Life Skills Instruction

Vocational Component which includes Job Readiness Skill Instruction
Bullying, responsibility, knowing who you are, self-esteem, Ala-anon, dating pressure, suicide prevention, resolving conflict, preventing violence, character building, substance abuse, resume planning, social media safety, peer support, navigating public transportation, keeping important documents, your name/your legacy, forgiveness, fighting seasonal depression.

Outreach Strategies

Taking Street Outreach to the Next Level
Outreach 101 Orientation and Safety Protocol

Executive Leadership Track

Proactive Approach to Grant Writing
Building and Maintaining Organizational Resiliency
Organizational Development
- Grant writing, mission/vision statement, program development and executive support.
Community Collaboration and Engagement