What Is Sea Haven Doing In The Community?

Combat Hunger
School Lunch Awareness
Speaking in schools and church groups
Pregnancy Prevention Campaign

Street Teams
Midnight Outreach
Bike Outreach

Combat Hunger

The Sea Haven Transitional Living Program initiated the “Combat Hunger” project in 2011 to provide weekend food and informational materials for homeless/at-risk students attending local high and middle schools. Sea Haven is currently providing Combat Hunger in six local high schools and two middle schools. Backpacks are delivered by a Sea Haven volunteer to the local schools on Thursday and school staff distribute the packs to those students in need. Distributed by guidance and other school staff for confidentiality reasons.

Sea Haven can use your help in providing non-perishable/snack items and backpacks to continue reaching out to runaway/homeless at-risk youth.  In addition, we need volunteers to help deliver and fill backpacks to specific areas.  This is a great way to fulfill those project or community service hours required by college professors or high school teachers!  Please contact Melinda Lautzenhiser, Director of Operations, at 843-213-1133 for more information or simply drop off your contribution to the facility location.  Thank you for supporting the Sea Haven programs.

Project began September 2013.

Needed items for Combat Hunger Project - but not limited to:

Chef-boy-ardee- pop tops
Vienna Sausage
Peanut butter crackers
Soup- pop tops
Snack bowls
Fruit cups
90-second rice- store brands
Hungry Jack mashed potatoes- just add water
Snacks- variety sealed

School Lunch Awareness

Sea Haven is currently distributing informational materials during school lunch periods at local schools.

Sea Haven staff are meeting with school guidance counselors semi-annually to promote awareness of Sea Haven programs for youth.

If you are a representative from a local middle and/or high school and you are interested in becoming a recipient of the Sea Haven school outreach efforts, please contact Wendy Gore, Safe Place/Outreach Coordinator via email wrgore@sccoast.net or 843-399-8519.

Speaking In Schools and Church Groups

Continuously involved in speaking engagements with local schools, civic organizations, and in the community.

If you would like to schedule a date/time for someone to speak to your group, please contact the following:
Wendy Gore, Shelter Outreach via email wrgore@sccoast.net

Andy Whipple, Program Manager-Project Lighthouse via email projectlighthousemb2@gmail.com

Chris Steele, Outreach Worker-Project Lighthouse via email casteele@sccoast.net

Jasmin Tucker - Transistional Living Program - Case Manager/Outreach Coordinator via email jtucker@sccoast.net

South Carolina Teen Pregnancy Prevention Campaign

Sea Haven is gearing up for another year by partnering with the Campaign to increase awareness for female and male youth between ages of 13-19 years.  For more information contact Christina B. Jackson at 843-399-4045 or cbjack@sccoast.net.

Two curriculums are utilized, “What Could You Do” and S.H.A.R.P. which increase awareness of Sexually Transmitted Infections, HIV, AIDS.

Street Teams

Sea Haven’s Project Lighthouse Street Team consist of a minimum of 3 individuals (2 Senior Staff, volunteers/Interns, program youth and other Sea Haven Staff) to venture out into known youth hangouts twice a week to offer resources and program services to runaway, homeless, street youth ages 16-22.

Midnight Outreach

Sea Haven’s Project Lighthouse conduct midnight outreach teams once a month during the summer and Fall seasons. 3 individuals (2 Senior Staff, volunteers/Interns, and program youth) target known youth hangouts and offers resources and program services to the runaway, homeless, at-risk street youth ages 16-21 that they may encounter.  Safety Protocol is key to all outreach workers. The Executive Director and Law Enforcement have schedules of the midnight outreach event as well as security management on the Boulevard.  Check in procedures are mandatory and all staff and participants wear program t-shirts, picture ID’s and there is signage on program van.

Bike Outreach

Bike Outreach happens during the summer months when the traffic in downtown Myrtle Beach is at its worst. Outreach staff go out in the community on bicycles on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. til 11 a.m. to beat the heat of the day and promote awareness to street youth.