Sea Haven Mission Statement

The mission of Sea Haven Inc. is to improve the overall wellbeing and safety of homeless forgotten youth ages 13-21 by extending a helping hand to those youth whose lives may be in disarray. We believe through positive interventions these opportunities may not otherwise be available.

In order to fulfill the services for youth in this community, Sea Haven may engage in one or more of the following:

  • Develop and maintain one or more houses to used for residential care
  • Actively seek and solicit funding to support specific services for youth, and to serve as responsible administrative and fiscal agents for the use of such funds
  • Advocate when deemed necessary, for youth oriented services needed in this community
  • Continue to focus community attention on the particular needs of youth through public awareness programs

Sea Haven Advisory Committee

The objectives of the Sea Haven Advisory Committees are as follows:

  • Generally, to advise and support Sea Haven programs;
  • Conduct critical reviews of the various program components to help identify strengths and weaknesses and need for more effective service delivery;
  • Provide advice and solutions addressing those barriers that interfere with youth being able to successfully complete the program;
  • Participate in program fundraisers, events, activities and solicit funding for programs;
  • Promote positive youth development by encouraging the involvement of youth participants in policy/procedure decisions and recruiting volunteers, accessing material/supplies, or forming alliance with other agencies or organizations;
  • Network with local businesses and individuals who could be beneficial for programs

Sea Haven Advisory Committee Membership

Advice for the information and first steps operation of the Advisory Committees:

  • The committee will consist of not less than five and not more than ten adult/youth members with at least two members being active or graduated Sea Haven youth.
  • Community youth, ages 17-21, are eligible for membership and at least one such should be serving at all times.
  • Potential committee members will be nominated by Sea Haven, Inc, staff; by Sea Haven Executive Board members, and/or current members of the advisory committees.
  • Committee member nominations will be submitted for review by the Program Directors, Development Director and/or Executive Director. If there are no objections to the nominated individuals, h/she will be approved and offered membership by letter from reviewing the nomination. No member should be requested to serve more than one year, but may volunteer to serve a second year.
  • The advisory committees will meet every three months or more if necessary. The Program Director, along with the program staff (Program Director), will facilitate the meeting and a member will be selected to record the minutes.
  • Meeting times, dates, and places will be determined by the membership.
  • The initial committee members will develop other committee practices and will be monitored by program staff.

Interested In Becoming An Advisory Committee Member?

Please contact Wendy Gore, Development Director, at for the shelter home, and Melinda Lautzenhiser, Director of Operations at for Transitional Living and Street Outreach Center/Project Lighthouse for more information.